Airport CDM

          Airport Collaborative Decision Making (Airport CDM) is a concept initiated by EU which aims to improve operational efficiency at airports and to connect them to the European air traffic management network. Its particular focus is on the aircraft turn-round process.

          The basis of the Airport CDM process is the exchange of information between the partners involved (airport operators, aircraft carriers, ground handlers, ATC, network operations – Eurocontrol). The sharing of up-to-date and high-quality information enables all stakeholders to acquire a common situational awareness enabling them to optimize decision-making. Combined with other process elements, on-time performance in the turn-round process can be improved and the use of ground-handling resources can be optimized, thus reducing delays.

          In April 2008, Fraport AG and DFS decided the implementation of an Airport CDM project at Frankfurt Airport.

          The Airport CDM process has been put into regular operations at Frankfurt Airport in February 2011. The successful implementation of the six ACDM process elements

          • information sharing
          • A-CDM milestones approach
          • pre-departure sequencing
          • variable taxitime
          • collaborative management of flight updates and
          • A-CDM in adverse situations

          made it possible to improve the airside processes and to utilize slots more efficiently which is reflected in a higher outbound punctuality.
          In December 2011, Fraport was awarded a Eurocontrol certificate for the successful CDM implementation at Frankfurt Airport.

          For further information visit the Airport CDM website.