About us


          Passionate, customer-oriented and innovative: That is what Fraport Real Estate Services & Development stands for.

          We are a real-estate service provider with international operations specializing in complex and special-purpose properties. Our comprehensive expertise draws on more than 60 years of experience at and around Frankfurt Airport. The continuous expansion and operation of the airport requires a high degree of know-how and a broad competence profile in all areas of real-estate business.

          We use our knowledge and our intuition for issues and solutions in a target-oriented way to meet the demands and wishes of our customers. Our portfolio of services not only comprises the acquisition, the development and the sales of sophisticated properties, but also asset and property management, site development, rental of multiuse property and energy management.

          The partnership with our clients and customers - including investors, project developers, property developers, renters, corporates and asset holders, but also the public sector and municipalities - is a fundamental concern of ours. We do our utmost for the success of our customers - within the team and together with everybody involved in the project.

          Regardless of the class of assets: Not only are we the perfect partner with the crucial know-how for the entire real-estate cycle; we are also a partner you can rely on – be it for innovative project developments or for a secure, economical supply of energy.



          Julia Volland

          Fraport AG
          Fraport Real Estate Services & Development
          60547 Frankfurt am Main

          Phone: +49 69 690-25518

          Julia Volland

          Our competences

          We are aware of the needs, issues and solutions - also for you! Why? Because thanks to our many years of experience, we have wide competences in all classes of assets. We are complexity experts: the perfect partner to develop intelligent and sustainable solutions even for the most sophisticated type of project.?? We particularly focus on the areas of innovation and digitization. It is our intention to lead courageously with fresh ideas. We use our expert knowledge and our antenna for emerging trends purposefully for our customers. We master any challenge - no matter, when and where it occurs in the real-estate cycle.