Construction Contracts at Fraport AG –
          Where a Joint Future is Being Created

          The construction contracts unit at Fraport AG is divided into the awarding of contracts to architects and consultancy services, construction services and the maintenance of buildings. While the maintenance of buildings is responsible for maintenance work or low-priced contracts, the purchasers and engineers are dealing with the awarding of construction contracts. The architects‘ and consultancy services encompass all awards of contracts that relate to the planning of a building project.

          Saving Time and Costs – For our Suppliers, as well

          The First Step – The Unsolicited Online Application

          If you are offering construction or planning services and would like to cooperate with Fraport, the first step would be an unsolicited application via our online platform.

          After having entered your business data and your range of services in the application form and mailed the form, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt by email. In the event of your company being accepted in our suppliers‘ database, another email will confirm that fact a few days afterwards.

          More Clarity due to less Paper – the iTWO e-Vergabe public System for Awarding Contracts

          The host of our requirements in the building construction and planning area is put out to public tenders via the?iTWO e-Vergabe public system. You will then be able to download the tender documents to your computer. Provided you use the correct data format, you may also present your quotation electronically.

          Cost Reduction in Long-Term Relationships – The Non-Tender-Specific Registration

          For many of our business partners it makes sense to enter their company profile at the certifying bodies Zertifizierung Bau e.V. or DQB GmbH. This way, some documents will no longer have to be presented when submitting the quotation; a simple certificate of registration will do. This measure can reduce the workload and subsequently save costs for all parties concerned.

          Your contact address for planning services:

          Fraport AG

          D-60547 Frankfurt

          Your contact address for construction services:

          Fraport AG

          D-60547 Frankfurt

          Or by email:

          Fraport AG

          Your contact address for construction maintenance services:

          Fraport AG

          D-60547 Frankfurt

          For the order-independent registration of your company profile please see these links:
          Zertifizierung Bau e.V.
          DBQ GmbH

          The pre-qualification selection criteria are always broken down to basic criteria (Part A) and project-related criteria (Part B):

          Basic Criteria:
          No general data or proofs (basic criteria) need to be presented owing to the evidence of a valid registration. Alternatively the companies may continue to provide evidence together with each application.

          Project-related Criteria:
          Any additionally required, project-related data shall be submitted together with each application as in the past.