General Information

          Seizing Opportunities – Participating in the Success

          Contractors and suppliers of Fraport AG are working for one of the biggest job engines in the region. As a public company and an airport operator, Fraport AG is a contracting authority with privileges in the transportation sector. In accordance with paragraph 98, item 4, of the German Restriction of Competition Act, Fraport AG is therefore subject to the German Ordinance on Awarding Contracts in the Areas of Transport, Drinking Water and Energy Supply, (Sektorenverordnung, SektVO) whenever contracts exceed established threshold values. As a promoter of competition and medium-sized companies it is paramount for Fraport to comply with these rules that ensure a fair tendering procedure even below the thresholds.

          Thanks to the award of contracts in lots, medium-sized companies, too, have a chance of being awarded contracts.
          At Fraport AG we are using the following procedures:

          • National tendering procedures
          • EU-wide tendering procedures

          What to expect from the airport suppliers:

          If you wish to work as a contractor or supplier for Fraport AG, you will need to fulfill various requirements that may vary according to the services.

          Generally speaking, the following applies:

          ? Dependability, flexibility, commitment and motivation
          ? For all services to be provided on Fraport’s premises you will need an airport ID card and a security clearance on the apron.
          ? There are additional regulations for activities to be provided in the restricted area. An apron driver license may be required.

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