Environmental management

          The purpose of environmental management systems is to systematically organize, manage and monitor operational environmental protection within the respective company. They are also intended to guide and assist the management and those with operational responsibility in carrying out their tasks and improving environmental performance. The functionality and effect of the environmental management systems is continuously monitored and audited by external certification bodies (ISO 14001) and environmental auditors (EMAS). Furthermore, Fraport AG and some of its Group airports have signed up to the global airport system for reduction of CO2 emissions (Airport Carbon Accreditation).

          Organization Airport Environmental management as per Airport Carbon Accreditation
          Fraport AG FRA EMAS
          ISO 14001
          Level 3
          Lima Airport Partners LIM ISO 14001 ?
          Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD VAR, BOJ Not certified ?
          Fraport Slovenija, d.o.o LJU ISO 14001 Level 2
          Fraport Regional Airports of Greece 14 Airports ISO 14001
          in preparation
          Fraport Brazil Aeroporto de Fortaleza POA Not certified ?
          Fraport Brazil Aeroporto de Porto Alegre FOR Not certified ?
          Fraport IC Ictas Antalya AXI ISO 14001 Level 3+
          GCS Gesellschaft für
          Cleaning Services mbH & Co Airport Frankfurt KG

          ISO 14001

          Not possible
          FraGround Fraport Ground Services GmbH FRA EMAS
          ISO 14001
          Not possible
          FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services GmbH FRA EMAS
          ISO 14001
          Not possible
          N*ICE Aircraft Services & Support GmbH FRA EMAS
          ISO 14001
          Not possible
          Energy Air GmbH FRA EMAS
          ISO 14001
          ISO 50001
          Not possible


          Environmental Management in the Group

          The environmental policy established in 2008 commits all Group companies to sustainable, careful and considerate handling of natural resources and the environment as well as continuous improvement of their environmental performance. To this end, environmental management systems are in place at the parent company and at all affiliated companies that must be rated as “fundamentally environmentally relevant” on account of their portfolios. Almost all of these management systems are certified under the applicable standard ISO 14001 or even under the European EMAS Regulation. Companies newly incorporated in the Group are asked during the acquisition stage to introduce systems of this kind in the future if they do not exist already.

          The environmental policy includes a commitment to report each year on environmental activities and performance. The sustainability report is the Group's method of reporting, while the parent company and Frankfurt Airport additionally report via the EMAS environmental statements. For this purpose, the Group companies submit an extensive catalog of environmental performance indicators to the parent company once a year that combines these indicators for reporting and provides details of projects undertaken and improvements attained in the previous year. In addition, individual Group companies have developed or maintained their own reporting (Lima and Ljubljana Airports).

          Organization Reports
          Fraport AG Environmental statement
          Sustainability report “Compact”
          Annual report
          Lima Airport Partners Sustainability report
          Fraport Slovenija, d.o.o Sustainability report
          Fraport IC Ictas Antalya Carbon Footprint Report