Corporate Governance

          General Principles

          Fraport AG's Supervisory Board unanimously adopted principles of corporate governance on September 18, 2002.

          The Corporate Governance Code of Fraport AG specifies the important principles in the management and supervision of the company and contains nationally and internationally acknowledged standards of good and responsible corporate management to which Fraport AG is committed. The Corporate Governance Code also highlights the most important rights of shareholders, who supply the required share capital for Fraport AG and who bear the entrepreneurial risk.

          Exercising good corporate governance, Fraport AG courts the confidence of shareholders and investors, promotes the readiness to invest, and continues a long-standing tradition of exemplary corporate governance.

          The Fraport Code is based on the corporate governance code that the German federal government proposed for German stock-listed companies and provides for three control categories: It states the mandatory provisions of the applicable law on corporate statutes, embodies regulations that go beyond legal requirements or that comply with the law in a certain way (recommendations), and makes proposals (suggestions) for shareholder-friendly and corporate governance-oriented practices, in keeping with investor demands.

          As corporate governance must be understood as an ongoing process that affects all those involved in corporate activities, the Corporate Governance Code of Fraport AG is subject to regular reviews and, if necessary, adapted in the light of new legal regulations and newly developed national and international standards.



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