Air Quality

          Atmospheric Pollutants

          Fraport is deeply involved in matters of air quality in the interest of affected residents and persons employed at Frankfurt Airport. This includes the continuous in-situ monitoring of air quality. The measurements are used for the ongoing determination of the current situation as regards pollutants. In addition, special evaluations are undertaken to ascertain the portion of air pollutants resulting from the operation of aircraft or the airport, thus contributing to the concentration of pollutants measured.

          The spectrum of pollutants existing in air traffic corresponds to the variety of pollutants in road traffic, as in both cases similar fuels are burnt under comparable conditions. There are, however, some differences with regard to the weighing of individual components of exhaust gases and their dispersion in the atmosphere.

          Values Measured at the Airport

          The locations of the measuring stations installed by Fraport since 2002 to monitor the air quality at Frankfurt Airport have been changed periodically in order to explore the spatial structure of the concentration field. The diagram on the left-hand side shows the measuring stations currently operated by Fraport.

          The values measured by the airport-based measuring stations correspond to those in the urban background without any special load concentrations. The only exception is the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at the S1 location which corresponds to the results obtained in the vicinity of busy roads. Here the influence of the neighboring motorway (BAB 5) is noticeable.

          Further Information and Downloads

          We have collected more detailed information on this topic on our German Website.