Noise Abatement

          As the operator of Frankfurt Airport, we endeavor to continuously reduce our noise footprint by active and passive noise-abatement measures. An example for this is setting incentives by emission-based airport charges. This is supposed to induce air carriers to use airplanes with low pollutant and noise output.

          Moreover, Fraport draws up a positive balance of its voluntary Casa program. Through the program, Fraport purchases residential property where planes fly particularly low. The program thus represents another valuable contribution to the compatibility between air traffic, which is of utmost importance for the region, and the protection of residents. In this connection also the compensation for outdoor living areas is worth mentioning. This program grants owners who due to aircraft noise have to bear with a reduced utilization of their outdoor facilities a one-time compensation.

          Please consult the following section to inform yourself in detail about our active and passive noise-protection measures.